GeorgeTown Vineyard Pinot Rose 2010

GeorgeTown Vineayard Pinot Rose will only be available direct from GeorgeTown Vineyard. That is, either from the cellar door (opening Summer 2010/11) or by emailing us.


  1. I have been drinking this wine at the Gasworks in Wellington . At first I really loved it ,but the last two times it was very different to the point of being undrinkable. I am assured that the bottles have been freshly opened.
    I do not know the year.
    I am interested in your response as I have been a regular consumer of Rosé and consider myself well equipped to make a judgement.
    Patricia Taylor

    • Hi Patricia
      Thanks for your question. Can you please tell me what the flavours are that you dislike. The rosé is changing at the present. Most wines go through changes during autumn and spring it seems. I’m finding the rosé is softening and has a more peachy flavour to it that wasn’t there previously. There’s plenty of acidity and virtually no residual sugar in this wine to preserve it for a long time, so long as it is stored in the right conditions. I’m confident that it’s been stored properly.


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