Cellar Door Open for wine tasting and sales. Personal informative tastings of single vineyard wine in our cosy miners hut.

Cellar Door

Georgetown Vineyard Cellar Door

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 1pm to 5pm, 27th December to Easter. For other times phone or text Ian on 021 942 349.

45min east of Queenstown

45min drive south of Wanaka

5min drive west of Cromwell

Find us on the main road between Cromwell and Queenstown. Click on the location button to the right for a map.

When driving by, look out for the hobbit sized vines. It’s a fairly distinctive planting style and density. It’s more or less how they do it in Burgundy. Which makes for deeper roots, more even fruit, more even growing, better balanced vines. Low vines make for more intensely flavoured fruit and more evenly ripenned fruit. Come taste it in the wine. We’ll have our single vineyard Central Otago Pinot Noir and delicate Pinot Rosé open for tasting.

Emma Fruit Thinning 2012

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  1. Hey, I’m Tyran Hay

    I am doing a speech on your Ponit Noir 2009,
    I was wondering if there was any extra information about this wine or your estate i could optain to help me with this.
    Espically on the history of the vineyard.


    Tyran Hay

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