Site: GeorgeTown Vineyard is located on the northern side of the Kawarau River at the Eastern entrance to the Kawarau Gorge. It is 6 km from Cromwell and 40 km from Queenstown.

A flat site sheltered from the prevailing Norwester by a 50m high terrace and bounded to the south by a 20m drop to the river. Good warm air flow through the gorge and down to the river protects against frost.
Central Otago produces high seasonal and diurnal temperature variations producing wines of high fruit intensity.

The soil is Molyneux Sandy Gravel. The top 200mm is sandy loamy gravel. Below this alluvial gravel predominates. Vine vigour is easily controlled in this low water holding soil.
The water when not coming from the sky comes from the Kawarau River. This water is reasonably high in calcium which improves the berry skin elasticity reducing skin splitting and botrytis

Management: Ian Dee oversees the vineyard operations. Ian gained his initial qualifications from Massey University with a degree in Agricultural science and a diploma in Finance. This was added to with 7 years experience at Chard Farm Vineyard near Queenstown.
The vineyard is close planted with over 7000 vines/Ha. This appears to be encouraging deeper rooting. The fruiting wire is only 500mm above the ground. Radiating heat from the soil surface increases daytime canopy temperatures.
Careful tending to the plants is done mainly by Ian and Emma Nichol. Emma has had many years experience in the vineyards around Cromwell.

Genetics: All Pinot Noir. Clones: UCD 5, and Dijon clones 114, 115, 667 and 777. Virus free stock was chosen. A variety of clones bring out the different expressions of the site. All vines are either on 101.14, Schwarzmann or 3309 rootstock.

For further information or to book a personal vineyard tour please email

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