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The Listener Write Up By Michael Cooper

Below is a write up by Michael Cooper that was printed in the Listener last week. It’s about our newly formed Artisan Winegrowers of Central Otago and Georgetown Vineyard was wine of the week. There’s a couple of links to go through but it’s worth reading.


Michael Cooper Artisan wine Listener article040113

Posted by: GeorgeTown Vineyard | 14 December, 2012

Wine Tasting at Wine Tastes

I’m doing a tasting of our latest releases at Wine Tastes in Queenstown this evening from 5-7pm. So if you’re in the neighbourhood please drop in.

Bottle Shot GTV Rose 2012 Small

Bottle Shot GTV PN 2010 Smaill


Our latest releases are the dense, smooth Pinot Noir 2010 and the light, playful, Pinot

Rosé 2012.



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Artisan Winegrowers of Central Otago

Georgetown Vineyard has banded together with 5 other like minded focused winegrowers to form Artisan Winegrowers of Central Otago. The idea is to join knowledge, money and resources to fill in the gaps that are difficult as a small artisan wine producer. The most difficult of these gaps to fill is pushing ones barrow. So the first task for Artisan Winegrowers is to promote our special individual wines. Below is our first promo:

AWCO Press Release



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Latest Review from Raymond Chan

While in Wellington I dropped off a couple of bottles for Raymond Chan to try and Review. Yeah, he likes. Here’s the review:–pinot-noir-2009

I hadn’t posted for a while. Now 2 in a day! Good way to spend a sick day.

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Up North with Dhall and Nash

I’ve just come back from a trip up north with our NZ distributor Dhall and Nash.
It was a very successful trip. We gained 5 new outlets in Wellington and at least 2 in Auckland. There was a surprising amount of interest for our rose. A lot of restaurants like the fact that it’s dry with typical sweet fruit flavours.

We only joined up with Dhall and Nash in June. This was the first trip around their stamping grounds. Based in Wellington, Brandon really clicked with our focused, yet hands off wine growing approach and how that brings out the natural vineyard taste. There seems to be some awareness of more natural wines in Wellington. Wellington is often at the forefront of the NZ trends. They have fully embraced craft beer appreciation and maybe now Wellingtonians will be at the forefront of dry Rose appreciation. Natural wine appreciation maybe next. It was also good to catch up with some existing clients – Vivo and Regional Wines & Spirits. At Regionals I was also lucky enough to try a couple of the Wellington in a pint winners.

Up in Auckland, Puneet and I got our message around to half a dozen or so restaurants and wine shops. Puneet really knows the restaurant trade in Auckland and has a great relationship with them. I’ve found in the past I’ll spend  a lot of time organising my day around Auckland so as not to do too much driving but still seeming to spend the day driving. Then if you’re not driving you’re worried about the double parking you did on a loading zone on a one way street – think O’Connell st Bistro. It was either that or paying out exorbitant cash that probably goes to some swanky developer.

The good thing about a distributor is having someone to follow up. In the past I’ve been guilty of visiting these places, not following up and being forgotten. We’re a small (read: focused and creative) producer – probably the smallest. It’s easy to be forgotten.

If you’re ever at Herne Bay cellars try the Leigh Sawmill Lager – creamy and full.

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